BEP Program

Members of AmCham in Uzbekistan enjoy certain procedural advantages, including expedited appointment requests. The program works for employees of companies-members of AmCham in Uzbekistan who are applying for U.S. visas in order to travel to the United States for business purposes.

AmCham Visa Expedite Requests, Support Letters

These instructions describe how the American Chamber of Commerce may request expedited nonimmigrant visa appointments and submit support letters on behalf of AmCham members traveling to the United States for business purposes.

To request such assistance, AmCham Member Companies are advised to follow the steps below:

  1. See the U.S. Embassy Tashkent nonimmigrant visa web pages at for general instructions on requesting an expedited appointment. The embassy will respond to requests from AmCham in accordance with its standard procedures for all applicants.
  2. The visa applicant fills out electronic application form (DS-160).
  3. The applicant selects an appointment date through the embassy’s online appointment system. Without an existing appointment, an expedited appointment cannot be approved.
  4. AmCham Internal Procedures:

    a) To participate in the program, AmCham member companies should present the following documents to the AmCham office:

    • A letter to the AmCham office requesting an expedited appointment. The letter should clearly explain the purpose of the business visit and the reason for the expedited appointment. The letter should have a clear statement of the exact position in the company of person/persons intending to make a visit, their legal names and passport data, and the time frame of the visit. The place of a visit should also be clearly stated. If an AmCham Member Company is financing the visit from its own accounts, it must be clearly explained. If a business partner in the U.S. is paying for any expenses this also needs to be stated in the letter.
    • A copy of an invitation letter from a partner company in the United States.
    • A copy of a contract, if available.
    • Copies of passports.

    b) After AmCham has reviewed all of the documents presented, the Executive Director will prepare a letter to be attached to those documents for the AmCham file and to be brought to the interview by the applicants. AmCham provides the embassy with a sample letter and e-mails updated versions to for the Consular Section to use as a reference.

  5. AmCham e-mails the Consular Section at and provides the applicant’s name, date and place of birth, passport information, the existing appointment date/time and application barcode, a short summary explaining the urgency of the business trip, and a scanned copy of the AmCham support letter. Expedite e-mails may include requests to reschedule interviews for colleagues or business partners for the same day.
  6. The embassy notes the AmCham support letter, decides on the request according to its standard criteria, and replies to the e-mail within three business days.
  7. Applicants may always schedule appointments directly with the Consular Section at Regular appointments are normally available within ten business days.