“Bo’stonlig Sut” JV

Director: Jamilya Askarova
Address: Bunyodkor str., 52A, 100135, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 (71) 120 49 65
Fax: +998 (71) 120 60 99
E-mail: djamilya@transcontinental.ru

Uzbek-American JV «Bo’stonliq Sut» is a factory specializing in dairy and sour-dairy production under a known brand in Uzbekistan “Mountain”. Our brand was recognized as «the Choice of year 2005».
Principal activities of Bo’stonliq Sut:
• Manufacture of consumer goods;
• Processing of agricultural products;
• Introduction of high technology in manufacture of foodstuffs;
• Creation of farms and agricultural facilities;
• Creation of a network of firm shops;
• Foreign trade activities;
• Export/import of goods and services according to the Republic of Uzbekistan`s current legislation;
Marketing 18 names in dairy production.
With a view of maintenance of uninterrupted production at the order Bo’stonliq Sut has modern technologically perfect dairy-commodity farm on 1000 goals of productive herd with own allotment.
In 2006, Bo’stonliq Sut was awarded «Choice of the year in Uzbekistan» for the second time, making the firm № 1 in domestic production of dairy products.
Now the JV «Bo’stonliq Sut» plans to expand its assortment of products and to begin manufacture of fruit yoghurts and fermented baked milk.