Horticulture Business Forum




USAID Competitiveness, Trade, and Jobs in Central Asia, the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Assistance to Privatized Enterprises and Development of Competition, and the GIZ Regional Programme “Trade facilitation in Central Asia” held a business forum entitled “Horticulture Export Promotion and Competition Development” and a horticulture exhibition on April 27-28, 2017 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The forum and exhibition supported regional horticulture export promotion efforts and competition development, boosting economic growth in Central Asia.

The event was generously supported by the Samarkand Province Authority. The Governor of the Samarkand Province and the First Deputy Governor attended the event.

Horticulture producers, traders, buyers, retail chains, investors, officials and development institutions from all five Central Asian countries gathered with importers and traders from Afghanistan, Belarus, Germany, France, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. In total, over 200 participants attended the two-day event discussing potential transactions and innovative solutions to stimulate exports of the horticulture in Central Asia.

The Forum generated 38 letters of intent between participants indicating their interest to trade horticultural products valued at over of $40,700,000.



Session I: Free Economic Zones: Key Advantages and Challenges to Develop Competition 


Session II: Post-Harvest Handling and Agro-Logistics

  • Improving the Productivity and Export Potential of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector in Uzbekistan: Challenges and Perspectives
  • How do Actors Coordinate along the Value Chain: the example of the Joint-Trade Association of France
  • A Professional Approach, Effective Solutions in Modern Cold Storage Facilities
  • The Israeli Experience with New Horticulture Technology
  • UzAgroExport’s Role in the Export Development of Uzbek Horticultural Products
  • Introduction to an Electronic Trade Database


Session III: Export Promotion of Horticulture Products from Central Asia: Market Access Requirements and Best Practices

  • Kazakhstan’s Import Potential
  • How to Produce Horticultural Products in line with International Standards, Israeli Best Practices
  • Practical Experience from Tajikistan on Global Gap Introduction and Certification
  • Organic Certification Best Practices
  • Promoting Exports through Compliance with International Standards (Global Gap)
  • Producer Organization and Entry to New Markets: The French Practice
  • Best Practice from Turkey on the Introduction of Quality Standards (Global Gap)

information was courtesy of Alfiya Musina, DAI’s Uzbekistan Country Director for the USAID Competitiveness, Trade and Jobs in Central Asia project.