Human Resources Committee was set up within AmCham Uzbekistan
In the recent years we feel more and more that the demand for the human capital in the organizations is increasing. Many business owners and CEOs are expressing need how to attract, manage and retain talents, high potential employees. The main reason behind these to meet the Company’s objectives and enhance its business performance. Human Resources as one of the function which responsible to develop People Strategy, is required to be a leader and a business partner in this term. During the last 5-7 years in our country we are observing that the perception about role of Human Resources is started to change. However there are areas for development and improvement. There is a tendency to effective HRM but still not many Companies or HR teams understand that their responsibilities beyond hiring and firing and , unfortunately the real tendency to increase HR role in organization is rather slow. That’s why Uzbekistan AmCham Human Resources Committee has been created. The goal is to set up an HR Committee within AmCham Uzbekistan to help its members to get acquainted with the latest Human Resources trends and news. We want members ...
The Members of AmCham Uzbekistan were invited to the Reception with US Congressmen
The Board of Directors of AmCham Uzbekistan and AmCham members among whom representatives of Central Asian Seed Company, OASIS, Wakefield Inspection Service, General Motors and General Electric were invited by US Ambassador HE Pamela L. Spratlen to the Reception held on November 22, 2017. The reception was organized in honor of a delegation of the US Congress led by a member of the House of Representatives Trent Kelly. Our members had a great chance to discuss the possibilities of strengthening and developing relations with US business circles.
AmCham Uzbekistan took part in an International Round table “Improving the investment climate of Uzbekistan, achieved results and future priorities”
The Vice President of AmCham Uzbekistan, Tõnu Grünberg and Executive Director, Ms. Nazi Aripdjanova participated in an International Round table on improving the investment climate in Uzbekistan which was held on the 8th of November 2017 and brought together representatives of state and international organizations, the largest foreign and local companies. AmCham Uzbekistan Vice President gave interview to Uzbek television. It stands to mention that the majority of participants were presented by members and partners of AmCham Uzbekistan. The round table forum was organized by the Senate of the Oliy Majlis together with the State Investment Committee, the UNDP ‘Improving the Investment Climate in the Republic of Uzbekistan’ project and the EBRD Office to Uzbekistan. Positive changes in investment climate were observed by all speakers, and undertaken measures led to changing the foreign investments inflow decrease tendency, which marked a drop from 3.3 to 1.9 billion US dollars in the period between 2011 and 2016. Participants of the round table as the cause undermining the overall level of investment pointed out the shortcomings of the ...
1st Annual Global Entrepreneurship Week
AmCham Uzbekistan Members are invited to take part in the 1st Annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Uzbekistan organized by our member AMBiT (Association of International Business and Technologies) on November 13-19. Please download the Program of GEW in Uzbekistan to see the information about events and venue. The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is a year-round platform of programs and initiatives created by the communities that celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week each November. GEW unifies 17 018 partners, 170 countries, 37 862 events and 10 000 000 participants every year all over the world. During GEW in Uzbekistan more than 3000 people will take part in more than 30 events (on Russian, English and Uzbek languages). Outstanding entrepreneurs, experts from different countries, representative of Uzbek Government will be honorary speakers and moderators on those events during upcoming week. Part of the GEW program will be contests among startup entrepreneurs. Winners will be invited to travel to China and Israel to participate in further contests. Please check the link below for more information: http://www.genuzbe...
Doing Business 2018 Report: Uzbekistan is a global top improver of the business environment.
President of AmCham Uzbekistan Hugo Minderhoud and Executive Director Nazi Aripdjanova joined the Doing Business 2018 Report Launch where Uzbekistan overall performance on the ease of doing business was discussed. The event has started with welcome speeches of Galina Saidova, the Minister of Economy of RUz and World Bank Governor for Uzbekistan, Lilia Burunciuc, World Bank Director for Central Asia and Cecile Fruman, World Bank Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice Director. Stefka Slavova, Lead Economist of World Bank made a very comprehensive presentation on the results of Doing Business 2018 report. Uzbekistan is placed 74th among 190 countries. The country went 13 positions up compared to last year. Moreover, Uzbekistan is among top ten countries-reformers to create the most favorable conditions for doing business. Hereby the reforms have allowed Uzbekistan to become the leader among the countries of Europe and Central Asia in terms of improving the business environment and simplifying the doing business. Adkham Ikramov, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, has acquainted the participants with the pl...
The members of AmCham Uzbekistan were invited to the lunch with US Ambassador HE Pamela L. Spratlen
The Board of Directors of AmCham Uzbekistan and AmCham members who participated in American-Uzbek Business Forum held in New York on September 20, 2017 were invited by US Ambassador HE Pamela L. Spratlen to the lunch held on September 29, 2017 in Khiva Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Hotel. The members shared their impressions from American-Uzbek Business Forum. All expressed the same opinion that the Forum was very fruitful; presentations of the representatives of Uzbek government were highly professional and informative. That is the precondition for a meaningful dialogue between USA and Uzbekistan. The President of AmCham Uzbekistan Hugo Minderhoud was one of the honorary guests of the Forum and had a chance to discuss future AmCham activities with Uzbekistan officials. Our members Central Asian Seed Company (CASC), Namuna Diyor, CNH Industries, Grata, Prae Legal, Mercury, Avialeasing, Coca-Cola , General Electric, BAT were among the participants of American-Uzbek Business Forum.
AmCham Uzbekistan took part in the conference “Formation of Uzbekistan’s Country Brand”
By the invitation of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan AmCham representatives participated in the conference “Formation of Uzbekistan’s Country Brand” which was held on October 10, 2017 in Radisson Blue Hotel. The conference was held by Alisher Kurmanov, the Head of the Senate Committee on issues of international relations, foreign economic relations, foreign investments and tourism. The President of AmCham Uzbekistan Hugo Minderhoud, Executive Director of AmCham Nazi Aripdjanova, Coca-Cola Country Operation Manager for Uzbekistan Gabil Ahmadov and the Head of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan practice in Ernst & Young Company Anavr Azamov took part in a lively discussion on creating a powerful and positive brand of the country. The President of AmCham Uzbekistan Hugo Minderhoud in his interview to Uzbek TV Channels has mentioned that Uzbekistan brand creation on a global stage is of a great importance and has to cover different segments. A positive brand will be a strong engine for the country development and will strengthen competitive advantages of the country and act for attraction of tourists and foreign investments....
Congratulations on the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan
The American Chamber of Commerce avails itself of the opportunity to congratulate HE The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev and the people of Uzbekistan with the upcoming twenty sixth anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and is looking forward to enhancing the dialogue with the government on the basis of mutual trust and respect.
The Board of Directors elected on the General Assembly
The American Chamber in Uzbekistan is pleased to announce that at the last General Assembly the members have elected the following Board of Directors: Hugo W.Minderhoud, AKTE LLC - President Tõnu Grünberg, Ucell - Vice President Vera Bell, Audit-As LLC – Treasurer Anvar Azamov, Ernst&Young – Secretary David Le Blond,  UzBat – Member of the Board Otabek Muhammadiyev, PwC – Member of the Board Gabil Ahmadov, Coca-Cola - Member of the Board Mirpayoz Mirsaatov, Olsoft – Member of the Board Puneet Tandon, Hyatt Regency Tashkent – Member of the Board J. Laurence Wright II, US Embassy in Uzbekistan – Member of the Board Donald Nicolson II, SEAF-SME Investment Management - President Emeritus Nazi Aripdjanova,AmCham-Executive Director AmChamUzbekistan was registered in 1997 and is the leading organisation of international businesses people in Tashkent. Our mission is promoting and assisting the business interests of our members in conformity with good international business practices and the governing rules of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the United States of America.
The first meeting of Digital Transformation Committee of AmCham Uzbekistan will be held on the 18th of May
Technology has disrupted the way companies conduct business. Small businesses can take advantage of new technologies and level the playing field with larger organizations. Small business owners should also consider utilizing technology in their planning processes. This allows owners to conduct operations using the best available technology. Businesses in Uzbekistan can benefit greatly by increasing their efficiency and competitiveness by undergoing a digital transformation. The process of embracing this trend in Uzbekistan is, unfortunately, rather slow. This is why the AmCham Digital Transformation Committee was created. The goal is to set up a Digital Transformation Committee within AmCham Uzbekistan to help its members to get acquainted with the latest digital and technological trends. We want members to be part of the conversation. AmCham offers its impeccable reputation as a hub for influential and innovative companies. Softline will assist by offering its internationally recognized expertise in technology services and consulting. The Committee’s mission is to: Promote digital transformation by creating a place where AmCh...