The first meeting of Digital Transformation Committee of AmCham Uzbekistan will be held on the 18th of May
Technology has disrupted the way companies conduct business. Small businesses can take advantage of new technologies and level the playing field with larger organizations. Small business owners should also consider utilizing technology in their planning processes. This allows owners to conduct operations using the best available technology. Businesses in Uzbekistan can benefit greatly by increasing their efficiency and competitiveness by undergoing a digital transformation. The process of embracing this trend in Uzbekistan is, unfortunately, rather slow. This is why the AmCham Digital Transformation Committee was created. The goal is to set up a Digital Transformation Committee within AmCham Uzbekistan to help its members to get acquainted with the latest digital and technological trends. We want members to be part of the conversation. AmCham offers its impeccable reputation as a hub for influential and innovative companies. Softline will assist by offering its internationally recognized expertise in technology services and consulting. The Committee’s mission is to: Promote digital transformation by creating a place where AmCh...
Tõnu Grünberg – New AmCham Vice-President
It is our pleasure to announce that Tõnu Grünberg, CEO of Ucell (TeliaSonera Uzbekistan ) will serve as Vice-President of AmCham in Uzbekistan starting from September 12, 2015. Tõnu replaced Kaher Kazem, President of GM Uzbekistan who has served as AmCham Vice-President for last 1.5 years and successfully completed his assignment in Uzbekistan. Tõnu Grünberg is Chief Executive Officer of Ucell (TeliaSonera Uzbekistan). Tõnu has 17 years of experience leading telecommunications companies strategy and execution, with the special skillset in technology. Tõnu’s holds Master of Science (MS Digital Communication Systems and Technology from Tallinn Technical University. He is also a graduate of Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, London Business School and Swedish Institute of Management. Tõnu Grünberg arrived to Tashkent in September 2014. Tõnu is an inspirational leader who challenges colleagues and staff to look beyond established technology and business models, identify opportunities to expand organizational capabilities, and drive business growth and innovation.
Meeting with Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Turkey (ABFT)
The Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan Tatyana Bystrushkina met with the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Turkey (ABFT) Ms. Elif Demircan. ABFT is one of the most active and powerful business forums in the region that today unites over 130 American companies operating in Turkey. Tatyana and Elif exchanged views on developing American business in the region, particularly bringing more American companies to Central Asia, current opportunities and future cooperation between two Chambers.
Meeting with Finance Director of Coca-Cola Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia.
Tatyana Bystrushkina, Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan met with Aylil Ergin, CCAR Finance Director of Coca-Cola Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia during her trip to Istanbul Turkey early August 2015.