Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee

The CSR committee was created for a specific purpose and a particular vision. One, as business leaders we recognize that there is more to running a successful business than just turning a profit in our given markets. And secondly, we recognize that we have a commitment and responsibility to the community in which we live and work.

The Purpose
The main objective of the CSR is to foster an attitude among AmCham members in which we feel a responsibility for the different needs of others and not just remain focused on our own business needs and performance. Why is this important for us? If we, as business leaders, can demonstrate clear concern and leadership in the area of corporate and social responsibility, we can be a part of something much larger than the sum of our individual businesses.

The CSR Committee will focus its activities in two main areas:
• Leadership in Caring – provide volunteer opportunities for AmCham members to help children, orphans, disabled people, and families in need; support projects sponsored by AmCham members through donations and corporate sponsorship; and sponsor community events for the target groups listed above.
• Leadership in Education – provide opportunities for business lectures and seminars for young adults, university students and young people interested in advancing their business potential. Will also focus on promoting internships within AmCham businesses for young entrepreneurs.

We know many of you are already involved in many social initiatives and activities, either individually or through your businesses. With this in mind, let’s join our energy and resources through the AmCham Corporate & Social Responsibility Committee. Where there is a need for extra financial support or just for an extra pair of hands, we can work together.