Director: Yuksel Adana
Address: 89 Ivleva st, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 (71) 255 52 16
Fax: +998 (71) 281 44 92
Website: www.faysel.com
E-mail: faysel_tr@yahoo.com

Faysel Construction & Logistics is a Turkish-Uzbek engineering-construction firm, providing construction and repair services for military, private and corporative sector in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tadjikstan, Afganistan and other countries.
Having considerable experience in construction of prefab containerized buildings (especially metal structure hangars) of various sizes, Faysel Construction & Logistics have accomplished over 10 large and average size projects and a number of small projects for such clients as: US Army in Karshi-Khanabad and Afghanistan, Daewoo, the representative office of Dubai in Tashkent and Petronas. The projects include metal structure buildings, prefabricated steel and containerized buildings, showers and lavoratories for temporary camps, site preparation for oil and gas search camps and also the delivery of movable prefabricated building for these camps.
The list of projects realized by our firm can be filled with such projects as containerized and prefabricated metal structure dormitory buildings, gym buildings a number of office buildings and hangars for US Army in Karshi-Khanabad, a hangar for the representative office of Dubai, metal structure buildings camp (including hangar) for Daewoo, the same camps for Lukoil and Petronas in Nukus, Termez and Tagan, and others. Knowing the importance of the function of each building, we make them maximally reliable for use.