Foreign Enterprise “Business Leasing”

Director: Olga Nikolau
Address: 8-Rakatboshi 37, , Tashkent, 100031, Uzbekistan
Telephone: 998 71 129 3040; 998 71 150 18 55
Fax: 998 71 120 3040

Foreign Enterprise “Business Leasing” was registered on March 31, 2004.
The authorized fund of the company is 673 000 US dollars.
The founder of the company is the International Investment Fund CASEF (Central Asian Small Enterprises Fund).
Currently, the company “Business Leasing” offers the entire range of leasing operations.
Within the framework of the strategic partnership, there have been established links with a number of foreign and Uzbek companies for the supply of printing, commercial and other special equipment, as well as computer equipment and specialized vehicles.
The projects are financed from the Company’s own sources, as well as from credit lines of foreign and local financial institutions.