AmCham in Uzbekistan can trace its roots to the early 1990’s when a group of primarily US companies started the “American Business Council” in Tashkent. Eventually, the group saw value in forming an independent legal entity in Uzbekistan that could represent foreign business interests on a national level and help facilitate greater trust and business relations between Uzbekistan and the USA. In 1996, their vision became a reality.

While AmCham began as an association comprised primarily of US-based companies and organizations, it has since transformed into a group with members from all over the world. The organization is currently at its highest membership total since its founding, at well over 100, and remains the only registered independent business association in Uzbekistan.

AmCham Timeline:

1991 Uzbekistan gains independence
1994 USA and Uzbekistan sign an agreement on the “encouragement of investments and their mutual protection”
1996 AmCham in Uzbekistan is founded
1997 Bylaws are approved and the first Board of Directors is selected
1999 AmCham hosts its first committee meetings
2002 USA and Uzbekistan sign a strategic partnership agreement
2005 AmCham introduces a regular publication for its membership – “Business Connections”
2006 AmCham celebrates its 10-year anniversary
2007 AmCham hosts 5 separate seminars around Uzbekistan as part of its “Year of Good Governance” initiative
2009 Membership rises above 100
2010 A new format for networking events is introduced called “Business Mixers”
2011 Voting rights extended to all Corporate members regardless of country of origin
2012 Intellectual Property Rights Committee helps stop trademark infringement in Tashkent
2016 New Non-Resident membership category is introduced for potential investors to Uzbekistan