Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031
Iberiasia Tour

Director: Farkhod Sabirov
Address: Kichik Halqa yoli 30 a, Yunusabad district, Tashkent(near Intercontinental hotel)
Telephone: +99894 632 02 35

The company “Iberiasiatour” is inbound and outbound travel company. Iberiasiatour is a full service travel operator specializing in delivering high quality personalized experiences. Our aim is to provide outbound travel agencies with a one-stop travel service for all your travel needs in Uzbekistan,Kazakistan,Kirgizie,Tadjikistan,Turkmenistan and China.
Brief information about our company
The company “Iberiasiatour” is inbound and outbound travel company, a member of the Uzbek Tourism Association, offers the following services:
Our services are:
Tours to Malaysia,Maldives,Thailand,China,Japan,Turkye,India,UAE,Singapoore,Spain,France,Switzerland,Germany,Italy
Extreme travel NEW!
Visa support for foreigners
Hotel reservation in Uzbekistan and worldwide
Accommodation in villas and apartments in Tashkent NEW!
Meeting at the airport
Services VIP hall
Escort support NEW!
Transport services (rental cars, vans)
Guide service
Excursions in Tashkent
Organizing tours in Uzbekistan and abroad
Insurance of passengers and tourists
Maintenance workshops and conferences