Intellectual Property Rights Sub-Committee

Chairman- Mukhammadali Makhmudov

The Intellectual property Rights Sub-Committee is created in 2018 with the aim:

– To study and monitor intellectual property and copyright issues in Uzbekistan and Central Asia Region;

– Providing information and practical assistance to Amcham members and their partners on entering the market of Uzbekistan and protecting their brands and intellectual assets;

– To develop and promote the Association’s position (prepare position statements) on intellectual property rights issues;

– To educate the membership on the IPR Issues;

– To work closely with the government of Uzbekistan (draft legislation, provide recommendations) to improve IPR practices in Uzbekistan and to attract investors;

-Commercialization of intellectual property and technology transfer;

-Protection of software and personal data, as well as the development of strategies and proposals for improving these areas;

-Countering counterfeit products and unfair competition.