The American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan stands as an open forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and experience for doing business in Uzbekistan. As the leading network of international business people in Uzbekistan, we seek to be the foremost facilitator and advocate of our members’ cause.

AmCham is a powerful business network represented in 108 countries around the Globe. AmCham network represents interest of over 3 000 000 companies worldwide. AmCham in Uzbekistan is afficilated member of U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Benefits to membership in AmCham include:

Information/Knowledge Sharing


B2B Marketing

USA Access

Joining instructions
Membership in AmCham Uzbekistan is open to both major corporations and small businesses alike (American, Uzbek and others) that have direct links to American business interests, contribute to the development of business climate in Uzbekistan and are willing to participate in all AmCham, in Uzbekistan activities. Approval of membership resides with the AmCham Uzbekistan Board of Directors. We welcome your interest in AmCham Uzbekistan and invite your company to become a part of our expanding business-to-business network. Your membership in AmCham in Uzbekistan and all contacts acquired is a key to your success in business. To join AmCham in Uzbekistan please kindly copy the application form and fill it; send the original with the attached copies of the registration documents to the AmCham Office to be considered by the AmCham Board of Directors. When the application is approved by the Board of Directors, your company will be duly notified by the AmCham in Uzbekistan office.

Download “AmCham Application Form“