KDB Bank Joint-Stock Company

Director: Kim In Joo
Address: 32, Oybek str.
Telephone: +998 (71) 120 80 00
Fax: +998 (71) 120 69 70
Website: www.kdb.uz
E-mail: info@kdb.uz, assistant@kdb.uz

KDB, which is wholly owned by the Korean government was established in 1954 and is engaged in corporate and investment banking, international banking, as well as sectors of the corporate restructuring and consulting. In order to implement the main business activity, KDB provides loans for purchase of equipment for basic industries, issues loans from a revolving fund for certain companies, joins the subscription, invests in shares of large industrial projects, guarantees certain payment obligations of the main industries, carries out foreign exchange operations and other related activities as nationally and abroad.
KDB is recognized at the international financial institution by the international credit rating agencies. Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services, and Fitch, Inc. recently awarded the KDB credit ratings of Aa3, A and AA-, respectively. As for the financial performance of KDB, at the end of 2012 total assets amounted to U$154.78 billion. Net Profit in 2012 totaled U$0.84 billion. KDB also has good asset quality and capital adequacy: the coefficient of non-performing loans (NPL) – 1.59%, coefficient of BIS – 15.01%.
KDB is a member of KDB Financial Group, which consists of the following six financial firms: KDB, Daewoo Securities, KDB Capital, KDB Asset Management, Korea Infrastructure Investment Asset Management and KDB Life Insurance. Among them, KDB has 86 local offices and businesses and their 5 overseas subsidiaries (one of them is KDB Uz), 7 overseas branches of the bank and 3 overseas offices around the world. The Subsidiary bank, KDB Uz successfully works on the financial market of Uzbekistan since 2006 as the initial investment of KDB to the country’s banking sector.