Leon Consult Invest

Director: Pulatov R.H.
Address: 16,Sharof Rashidov Street Tashkent 100029
Telephone: +998712393388
Website: www.lci.uz
Email: info@lci.uz; leonconsultinvest@gmail.com

We have the opportunity to provide clients with the necessary diverse and practical assistance for conducting fruitful business in Uzbekistan. We will help to choose the most convenient and promising spheres, we will reveal the specifics inherent only to the sphere. After the in-depth analytical consultations on marketing, legal aspects and similar other important issues persons wishing to open their business will be provided assistance in developing a business plan and technical and economic justification, in attracting partners, setting up an enterprise, obtaining a loan, a land plot, and buildings, in the design of all sorts of correspondence and documents.
Consultation is also provided when choosing the industry that is the most relevant and profitable for conducting the proposed business. We can advise the client on the timeliness and appropriateness of starting a new business in one area or another, or engaging in an existing business in Uzbekistan.