Director: Tojiev Ruzimurat
Address: 39, Asaka str., Malaya Kolcevaya
Telephone: +998 (71) 268 24 01
Fax: +998 (71) 268 24 59

«Neftgazkipavtomatika» LTD Co. today is the leading company for activities related to the prevention of accidents at industrial sites. The company`s history begins in 2000.
For the past few years «Neftgazkipavtomatika» has been constantly improving its methods of work, offering a wider range of services in this area.
The company has the most advanced technical equipment for control in industrial applications. In particular, the company has a special laboratory for metal and concrete structures. This creates a unique opportunity to conduct research into NDT methods.
Also, our company provides a range of other services:
– Corrosion protection and repair
– Verification and calibration of geometric and volumetric methods
– Security Systems
Neftgazkipavtomatika is an authorized distributor for some of the largest companies in the world, offering the following products of European quality:
– Painting Equipment from «Graco» – the United States, Belgium,
– Pumps for all types of liquids «Graco» – the United States, Belgium
– Paints and protective paint from «PPG Industries» – USA, (Pittsburg Paint Glass)
– Powder coating from «Chokwang paint» – Korea
– Industrial Pneumatic Tool from «Atlas Copco» – Sweden
– Сompressor equipment
Our employees are highly skilled professionals, they have all the relevant certificates, confirming their competences. «Neftgazkipavtomatika» has official permission of “Sanoatkontekhnazorat” of the Republic of Uzbekistan.