Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

Director: Dale Henry
Address: 4 km north of Uch Kahramon Post, Shymkent Track, Zangiota district, Tashkent region
Telephone: +998 (71) 237-1324, +998 (90) 966-9439

Oasis FES offers consulting services in the sectors of agriculture, water resources, environment, food processing and food safety. We connect foreign and Central Asian experts to build technical and management capacities of cadre in these sectors through training and mentoring.

Since 1998 we have facilitated placements for hundreds of Uzbek university graduates in academic or non-academic training in 15 countries. This includes over 30 one year paid internships on American farms and agribusinesses. Upon their return to Uzbekistan, these Oasis Alumni contribute to Uzbekistan’s agricultural development through employment in international development projects, universities or agribusinesses. We have planned and led several agricultural study tours to the western, arid USA with stops at universities, ag research and extension centers, irrigation districts, cotton, wheat, fruit, vegetable and dairy farms, laboratories, expositions and wildlife refuges.

Our newest initiative is the development of the Oasis – M. Mirzaev Agriculture Training Center just north of Tashkent. This Public Private Partnership is a collaboration with the Republican Orchardists School under the Uzbekistan Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. In line with government initiatives to develop the horticulture sector and livestock sectors, the ATC provides specialized English and technical training for agricultural producers, processors, agribusinessmen, researchers and university students. This newly renovated 60 bed student hostel / classrooms / demonstration gardens on a 0.83 hectare campus will become financially sustainable through training fees, venue rentals and sales of fresh and dried produce which meet international standards.