Director: Azad Sh. Sharapov (owner)
Address: 4, Sh.Abdullaeva Str, Tashkent, the Republic of Uzbekistan
Telephone: (+998 71) 254-77-71; (+998 91) 162-95-50
Fax: (+998 71) 254-14-09
Website: www.pulatqurilma.uz
E-mail: o.nasyrov@eurexport-holding.com

‘PO’LATQURILMA’ JSC is one of the leading construction companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan. List of our business activities also includes engineering and oil and gas field services. The company resides in the Republic of Uzbekistan and is a part of ‘Eurexport-Holding’. It has nine structural units located in various regions of the country.
The Company has a history of more than 60 years from the moment of its establishment in the mid-20th century. ‘PO’LATQURILMA’ was incorporated in May, 2003; it is a successor of the national trust ‘Stalkonstruktsiya’.
The Company mainly specializes in providing construction-installation services, including steelworks of different complexity, construction and development of industrial facilities, infrastructure for oil and gas industry, and producing the metal components of different modifications and rolled tanks of up 10000 m³.
The Company is headquartered in Tashkent; its structural units are located in such cities as Andijan, Samarkand, Ferghana, Urgench, Bekabad, Olmaliq, and Angren.
Some of our projects are: work performed for the construction of the Khauzak oilfield production infrastructure related to the ‘Lukoil Uzbekistan operating company’ LLC; participation as a standing contractor in all assembly works on the territory of the ‘General Motors’ plant located in Andijan City; participation in re-equipping of the Fergana oil refinery plant, the Jarkurgan oil refinery plant; technical re-equipment of the Olmalik Mining and Metallurgical Combinat – the flagship of Uzbekistan’s economic power; participation in the building of the ‘MAN’ trucks construction plant; construction of tunnels in the Kamchik pass (of the Ferghana Valley); installation of gasholders, masts and exhaust pipes with a height of 100 meters or more throughout Uzbekistan, and many others.