Representative Office of National Bank of Pakistan

Director: Dildora Yuldasheva
Address: 65, Mustakillik shox street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100000
Telephone: +998 (71) 237 19 91
Fax: +998 (71) 237 06 17

During the visit of Mr. Islam Karimov, President of Uzbekistan to Pakistan in 1995, the National Bank of Pakistan was invited to open a branch in Uzbekistan.
As a result of the above agreement, a delegation from the head office of NBP visited Uzbekistan. During the meetings, the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan suggested they open a representative office first, which in the future could be transformed into a branch. Thus, in 1995, a representative Office of the National Bank of Pakistan was founded in Tashkent. Since then, the National Bank of Pakistan has been looking forward to a resolution of the Government of Uzbekistan to open a branch of the National Bank of Pakistan in Tashkent.
Since the acceleration and the benefits of better opportunities and huge volumes of trade / business (as both of our countries are the main producers of cotton and textile industries in the world), and our bank is the largest state bank of Pakistan, which has an office in Tashkent last 17 years old, we hope take a license to open a branch of the National Bank of Pakistan in Uzbekistan, which will give the opportunity to make a positive contribution to economic development and trade of Uzbekistan.