Director: Davronbek Ahmatov
Address: #409, 77 Bobur st., Yakkasaray dst., Tashkent
Telephone: +998951454921

Sherdav Himoya (Sherdav) is a law firm founded in 2007. Sherdav is one of the leading and rapidly expanding law firms with strong partnership relations with Law Firms in more than 100 countries around the Globe being member of the PraeLegal. There are 19 experts in the team of Sherdav which makes Sherdav team one of the biggest in the country. Sherdav`s expertise is not limited and the firm consists of legal experts from various fields of jurisprudence, notably Sherdav is leading firm litigating in Pharmaceutical, Road Construction, Insurance, Real Estate and Intellectual Property. Sherdav is chosen as a local litigation, due diligence and outsourcing expert law firm by various international institutions. Sherdav serves over 340 clients annually; most of which are international companies and investors, representing their interests in governmental institutions and any level of national and international Courts and Arbitrations despite the challenges of local and international legal arena.