“UzCarlsberg” LLC

Director: Nadav Geller
Address: 1, Temirchi str., Tashkent
Telephone: +998711409999
Fax: +998711408888
Email: corporate@carlsberg.uz

“UzCarlsberg” LLC was established in 2007.
The construction of the first brewery of Carsberg Group in Central Asia has started in 2006. The project has finished and new and technologically advanced brewing facility was presented to the public in 2007. UzCarlsberg has filled the first batch of “Sarbast®” the same year and in a short time it became the most loved brand in Uzbekistan. The Central Bottling Company became the main shareholders of “UzCarlsberg” LLC in 2017.
The company proudly follows the strict standards of quality, food safety and corporate management to meet international standards and produce the best beverages. In 2011 UzCarlsberg has successfully passed the quality audit and received the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.
Today “UzCarlsberg” LLC produces such well-known brands as Sarbast®, Tuborg® and Baltika® and continuously develops to stay ahead.