Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

Agrico BV NL

Contact person: Feruza Tatybaeva
Address: Samarkand street, 16/3,Tashkent
Telephone: +998935010771

In 1973, a group of potato growers in Netherlands joined forces to create one, new cooperative. This signaled the birth of Agrico. Now, years later, this cooperation has evolved into an organization that markets potatoes all over the globe, breeds new varieties and invents innovative solutions. This demands a lot of effort, but we know what motivates us: providing the best potato for millions of consumers all over the world. 

Agrico started its activity in Uzbekistan in 1993, when nobody really knew how to grow potatoes. Uzbekistan imported hundreds of thousands tons from Russia. However the transport costs became exorbitant and the Government of Uzbekistan decided to start its own Potatoes’ production. So Agrico as usual was in right moment and at the right place. They won tender on supplying seed potatoes for that grandiose purpose. Since that time Agrico is the main supplier of high quality of seed potatoes to Uzbekistan. Uzbek farmers in the beginning could distinguish potatoes by color only and now they order potatoes for fries and crisps for salads and starch! Uzbek producers built professional potatoes stores and processing factories. It’s long way to success and Agrico is proud to be one of the key players in it!