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AmCham Committees

AmCham Uzbekistan’s goals and activities are determined by the membership. The most direct way for a member company to influence the formation of our goals and professional activities is through participation in our extensive committee system. Committees work to generate ideas and promote solutions in areas which are of mutual interest to the entire membership. AmCham Uzbekistan also encourages cooperation between companies within the same industry, enabling them to achieve common goals.

AmCham Uzbekistan currently has following committees:

Corporate Governance Committee

Increasing awareness of Governance, Risk, and Compliance instruments and methods, benchmarks and trends in the sphere of anti-corruption and bribery, risk management, and corporate governance.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee

Corporate & Social Responsibility Committee meets to review and discuss the ways in which the business community can best serve its many stakeholders including those in need.

Corporate Law Committee

The Legal Committee is dedicated to establish a platform to address regulatory and legal issues affecting the investment climate in Uzbekistan. The Legal Committee also aims to provide members with the opportunity to keep up to date with the key changes and developments in the legislation.

Digital Transformation Committee

Digital Transformation Committee is created to help  members to get acquainted with the latest digital and technological trends

Fast-moving Consumer Goods Committee (FMCG)

FMCG Committee will be established to set a response to changing investment and regulatory landscape for companies producing and selling consumer goods (food, non-food, retailers).

Human Resources Committee

To unite community of the HR professionals and executives among Amcham members, in order to develop best practice of people management in Uzbekistan and facilitate labor regulations.

Intellectual Property Rights Committee

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Committee is created to work closely with the government of Uzbekistan on providing recommendations, assisting in drafting legislation etc. to improve IPR practices in Uzbekistan and attract investment

Membership Committee

Membership Committee looks to not just attract new candidates for membership in AmCham but also how to best serve the existing members.

Tax and Accounting Committee

Tax and Accounting Committee meets on a regular basis bringing together a dynamic group of senior professionals from the leading auditing companies, multinationals, and tax specialists.

Trade and Investment Committee

Trade and Investment Committee meets and engages with the major issues faced by local and foreign investors as well as those dealing with commercial matters.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Committee

Tourism & Hospitality Committee brings together on a regular basis the many members in the hotel – tourism sector, with the focus being on how to improve service, deal with issues and contribute to the sector’s growing importance.