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“Growing business connectivity between Central Asia and Afganistan” round table on November 18

Central Asian Governments are increasingly engaging in talks to increase regional economic cooperation including trade and investment links with Afghanistan.

On November 18, USAID in the framework of Central Asian Trade Forum hosted a regional AmCham Network session “Growing business connectivity between Central Asia and Afganistan”. In this panel session AmCham business leaders and member representatives from across the region and Afghanistan discussed joint opportunities for cross-border trade and investment and the impediments to be overcome.

Nikolay Yarmov, Senior AmCham Advisor, USAID’s FGI Project, moderated event with AmCham business leaders from Central Asia countries: Amcham Uzbekistan, AmCham in the Kyrgyz Republic, AmCham Tajikistan and AmCham Afghanistan)


Tatyana Bystrushkina, Executive Director, AmCham Uzbekistan

Nazira Beishenalieva, Chairwoman of the Board, AmCham in the Kyrgyz Republic

Sharaf Davlatov, Executive Director, AmCham Tajikistan

Sanzar Kakar, Board Member, AmCham Afghanistan

(Virtual Session Recording in Russian)