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Business Mixer on January 31, 2017

January Business Mixer, which opened a season in 2017, was very successful and well attended. It was a great example of a team work of our outstanding members and sponsors of the event – SEAF, OLSOFT and AKTE. The event coincided with 2017 US-Uzbekistan Annual Business Forum which was held in Uzbekistan by our sister organization, the AUCC. So we had a chance to invite businessmen and officials who came on the delegation from US to participate in the Forum to the Business Mixer in Radisson Hotel . Vice Speaker of the Senate, Mr. Safaev and American Ambassador HE Pamela Spratlen extended us a courtesy to be honorary guests of the event.
During the Business Mixer two Distinguished Service Awards were presented. One was given to PricewaterhouseCoopers on the occasion of 20th anniversary in recognition of their long standing dedication and commitment to their clients, stakeholders, host authorities, and the business community at large. Another one was given to Charles Leo Rudd on the occasion of his 80th anniversary for his long standing membership and unfailing commitment to the principles of better business and professional standards – especially insofar as transparency and disclosure.
About sponsors of the event in brief:
OLSOFT is a software development company, founded in 1991 and has a rich experience in developing and maintaining software at all project stages. The company provides all software life cycle services. OLSOFT has released a lot of software products to the world market. Many of their products are very popular and have thousands of customers all over the world.
AKTE LLC provides a full suite of financial advisory services to companies and individuals within Central Asia. The company has valuable expertise in market analysis, organizational design, operational performance improvement, performance measurement, risk management and project management, assisting corporate organizations and SMEs in improving business performance and shareholder governance.
SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Funds) is a Washington DC – based organization that manages private equity funds in over sixteen countries around the world. In Uzbekistan SEAF manages the Central Asia Small Enterprise Fund (CASEF) that was launched in July 2002 with the sponsorship and financial backing of the Swiss Government, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group, and USAID – United States Agency for International Development. It invested in a range of local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) dealing with tourism, agribusiness, healthcare and financial services.