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CSR Committee meeting on December 20, 2017

Our CSR Committee has restarted its activity after one year break. Newly elected CSR Committee Chairman Nodira Yadgarova gathered representatives of Ucell, Nestle and Train Consultancy, engaged in CSR activities in their companies, to discuss the plans for the next year. During the meeting it was revealed that the companies have their own charity projects and they are developed in order to cover directly or implicitly all stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. While helping people in need to satisfy their physiological needs, such as food, medical treatment and shelter, the companies are developing projects which will help those people to raise their self-esteem and integrate in the society. One of the directions is trainings for people in need and a group of volunteers who try by their own efforts to help those people in need. As an old Chinese saying goes, it is better to teach one the skill of fishing than to offer him fish. AmCham CSR Committee will serve as a platform where by mutual efforts long-term projects proposed by our member companies will be implemented. We are going to attract UNICEF, USAID and other international organizations for solving long standing issues of the society, including problem of poor and disabled people and environmental issues.