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Doing Business 2018 Report: Uzbekistan is a global top improver of the business environment.

President of AmCham Uzbekistan Hugo Minderhoud and Executive Director Nazi Aripdjanova joined the Doing Business 2018 Report Launch where Uzbekistan overall performance on the ease of doing business was discussed. The event has started with welcome speeches of Galina Saidova, the Minister of Economy of RUz and World Bank Governor for Uzbekistan, Lilia Burunciuc, World Bank Director for Central Asia and Cecile Fruman, World Bank Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice Director.
Stefka Slavova, Lead Economist of World Bank made a very comprehensive presentation on the results of Doing Business 2018 report. Uzbekistan is placed 74th among 190 countries. The country went 13 positions up compared to last year. Moreover, Uzbekistan is among top ten countries-reformers to create the most favorable conditions for doing business. Hereby the reforms have allowed Uzbekistan to become the leader among the countries of Europe and Central Asia in terms of improving the business environment and simplifying the doing business.
Adkham Ikramov, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, has acquainted the participants with the plan of economic reforms, next steps and prospects of development of business environment in Uzbekistan.
AmCham Uzbekistan Board of Directors has meetings with the delegations of World Bank Group and exchanges the opinions on the business environment in Uzbekistan on a regular basis.