Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

FE “Medical Online Services” LLC

Director: Abdullaev Farkhod
Address: Chilanzar 10, 3/1,Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Telephone: ( +99871) 2766253
Fax: (+99871) 2766253

In Uzbekistan, The Legal Entity of MEDOL was registered in the form of FE, “Medical Online Services” LLC in 2010. We are an official distributor and the partner of the world renown companies, leaders in the field of high medical technologies, manufacturers of medical equipment and devices, such as Johnson & Johnson, Aesculap/BBraun Group, Getinge, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Radiometer, BD, Medtronic and other famous companies. Dynamically developing company aims to bring higher medical innovations in development and modernization of the healthcare system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Our aim is to build transparent long-term business, to benefit our society by helping to the medical community in introduction and localization of higher medical technologies. By implementation of innovative technologies in Uzbekistan, we have the opportunity to help even more patients to live a full and joyful life.