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Human Resources Committee was set up within AmCham Uzbekistan

In the recent years we feel more and more that the demand for the human capital in the organizations is increasing. Many business owners and CEOs are expressing need how to attract, manage and retain talents, high potential employees.
The main reason behind these to meet the Company’s objectives and enhance its business performance.
Human Resources as one of the function which responsible to develop People Strategy, is required to be a leader and a business partner in this term.
During the last 5-7 years in our country we are observing that the perception about role of Human Resources is started to change. However there are areas for development and improvement. There is a tendency to effective HRM but still not many Companies or HR teams understand that their responsibilities beyond hiring and firing and , unfortunately the real tendency to increase HR role in organization is rather slow.
That’s why Uzbekistan AmCham Human Resources Committee has been created.
The goal is to set up an HR Committee within AmCham Uzbekistan to help its members to get acquainted with the latest Human Resources trends and news. We want members to be part of the conversation.
The mission and goals of the HR Committee:
The Human Resource Committee provides analysis and updates on HR trends, labor and employee relations, compensation and benefits. The committee promotes understanding of labor practices and policies and acts as a forum for transferring information between member Companies and Uzbek authorities.
Committee main activities include:
Informing members HR departments regarding new trends in human resource management;
To share and establish best HR practices in Uzbekistan via compilation, and reporting about Compensation & Benefits, Talent management and, digitalization other HR priority areas;
To keep members updated on the latest and relevant government regulations and policies as relates to labor practice;
To add value by being active resource centre in HR related subjects.
The first meeting of the Human Resources Committee will be held in January, 2018. The subject of the meeting will be focused on the main trends and changes in HR field.
The speaker of the meeting will be Rano Nurmuratova from UzCarlsberg.