Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

TBC Bank in Uzbekistan

Head of Company: Sandro Rtveladze, CEO of TBC Bank in Uzbekistan
Contact person: Sitora Tulyaganova Head of Legal Department
Address: Avenue Amir Temur 118/1, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 78 7772727

TBC Group is a leader company in the wider Caucasus region in providing quality digital financial services to its customers. TBC is one of the two top banks in Georgia by all the key indicators, such as overall volume of total assets, credits, and deposits.

In June 2014, TBC Bank listed global depositary receipts (GDRs) of the Bank on the main market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2016, TBC Bank moved to the LSE’s premium segment.

TBC Bank has launched its banking operations in Uzbekistan in Summer 2020.

TBC offers innovative financial products and services that are built on the international and Georgian best practices. The main priority of the bank is the availability and quality of banking products for individuals, startups, and private enterprises. The majority of products and services are available remotely via Internet. In line with the company’s asset-light and highly digitalized strategy, TBC served its customers in Uzbekistan mainly through TBC’s online platform, Space, while the smart, next generation physical branches will be used primarily for client relationship purposes.

TBC will be targeting retail customers in Uzbekistan with the following products:

  • Current and savings accounts;
  • Cash loans and salary backed loans;
  • Cards, mobile banking, money transfers and transactional capabilities (eg. P2P transactions, utility payments); and
  • Point-of-sale consumer finance.