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March 14th CSR Committee benefit documentary screening

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan (AmCham) hosted the screening of “Trashed” on March 14 for AmCham members and guests. The benefit screening of the documentary was organized with support from Hyatt Regency, an AmCham platinum member, and held within the framework of the Hashar Week project.

The goal of the March 14 event was to raise awareness among corporations on the importance of introducing green practices into their corporate policies, thus contributing to global green policies. To participate in the event, members had to show a personal or corporate contribution to recycling waste. Participants were urged to upload an application developed specifically for Hashar Week and then recycle bottles, paper and plastic between March 11 and 17.

The documentary “Trashed” was filmed by Candida Brady, a British filmmaker, and features Jeremy Irons as he investigates the impact of consumerism on the environment and the scale of pollution. After the screening, AmCham participants attended a reception where they discussed the film.

Hashar Week is a multifaceted project directed at raising public awareness of the importance of sorting household waste and respect for nature in general. The project aimed to develop individual responsibility on the utilization of solid waste among different social groups (school children, students, businesses) through a series of events organized between March 11 and 17 at different locations in Tashkent. For more information, please check their
Hashar Week