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Message from the Chair of CSR Committee to the Members of AmCham Uzbekistan. Charity Action Photo Report

Dear AmCham members!

Happy New Year!!!
I hope you had a great New Year’s holiday and came back to your regular business.
We are starting 2018 with fresh ideas for CSR committee perspective. The success of our mission depends on everyone that contributed with fair share to the common good.
As the result on 20th of December 2017, CSR committee organized the initial meeting with CSR members, where the members shared with their own experience and discussed about further implementation of some social corporate start up projects together.
The next meeting was scheduled for 23rd of January 2018. We are welcome new members to join us.
One of the first initiative that we succeed at the end of 2017 it was a Charity Action. On the eve of New Year with our short notice and your quick responds we were able to gather 68 New Year presents for kids!
We are truly thankful to everyone who volunteered their time and found funds to prepare boxes of sweets for children. With the support of our local volunteers’ groups we could manage with the short period of time to share among the children from low income families, the children who are blind or have autism spectrum disorder.
We could not be able to post all photos of those kids. Here are some of the photos that volunteers were able to get as the rest of the families were not feel comfortable to be on photo.
Thank you for your support!!!