Taras Shevchenko St. 21A, Office 505, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100060

Monthly Meeting on February 22, 2018

Deputy Minister of Justice, Rector of the Institute of Law Yesemurat Kanyazov was an honorary speaker on the Monthly Meeting in February.

The critical issues of the country image influencing on attraction of sustainable foreign investments were discussed during the monthly meeting. In his presentation Mr. Kanyazov raised the problem of educational system of Uzbekistan and lack of qualified specialists who will be able to implement business projects on the required level when investors open the new enterprises in the country. On the example of Tashkent Institute of Law he showed how the problem with the qualified human resources can be solved. During the questions and answers session the problems of the juridical system of Uzbekistan was discussed. One of the questions was about transparency of the court system. Mr. Kanyazov gave insights into the changes expected in the court system of Uzbekistan. He stressed that the administration of justice must be public to the greatest possible extent. This means that the work and rulings of the courts must be open and public, so that the public, the media and the rest of society can observe with a critical eye. Openness is also important if people are to have confidence in the legal system. If the decisions of the courts were veiled in secrecy, it could lead to mistrust and skepticism in the population and reduce public confidence in justice and the law which will negatively influence the investment climate of the country. Another issue raised was the Intellectual Property Rights problems faced by franchising companies present in Uzbekistan and even by those companies who didn’t come to Uzbekistan yet, for example Starbucks. Solving the issues of intellectual property rights are the cornerstone for attracting new franchisers to Uzbekistan.

All participants were invited to a cocktail reception after the formal part and had a chance to discuss the problems they have with Yesemurat Kanyazov.