Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

Prae Legal Uzbekistan

Director: Davronbek Akhmatov
Address: Office 515, Building No. 77, Bobur Str., Tashkent City, Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 95 198 2112

PraeLegal Uzbekistan is an international law firm providing high quality legal assistance and legal consulting in different jurisdictions of law in Uzbekistan and around the world.

PraeLegal Uzbekistan represents one of the branch offices of the global law firm Prae Legal. Today, to meet the legal needs of our clients on an international scale, we provide access to the global legal resources through an extensive network of successfully performing 252 legal firms in 142 countries.
Our professional team consists of one of the most experienced and prestigious lawyers in various areas of expertise. We have strong ties with government and business communities to help successfully navigate clients’ problems through the local legal and business terrain.

Regardless of the complexity of the legal issue and duration of the process, PraeLegal Uzbekistan always relies on its extensive experience and knowledge accumulated when serving the clients operating in all branches of industry.