Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

Stomatologiya Budushego LLC

Director: Zafar Usmanov
Address: Mirzoulugbek district, Buyuk Ipak Yuli (D-1), Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 (71) 232 20 22, +998 (71) 232 20 25

Stomatologiya Budushego’ Dental clinic:

  • The experience you can trust
  • The comfortable working time
  • The modern equipments and methods of treatment, high quality dental care
  • Discounts to our patients

Our dental clinic gives the following:

  1. Prophylaxis:
    -scaling (removing supragingival and sub gingival calculus by ultrasonic method)
    -using oral irrigation. Water pick (Bisco, USA), which cleans, repairs gingival and reduce bleeding of gingival and inflammation of periodontal tissue.
  2. Bleaching of teeth using bleaching zoom system
    During an hour you teeth become whiter up to eight shades you will be surprised by the result. The gel that consist of special amorphic calcium phosphates, may bond with the tooth surface and fill microscopic defeats improve the brightness and tooth smoothness (Discus Dental,USA).
  3. Treatment of caries decay using effective anesthesia. To reach high esthetic and functional results we use materials made by Bisco (USA) ,Dentsply (USA) 3 M ESPE Kerr.
  4. Qualititiyendo treatment and canals filling using ultrasonic system sonic Air modern filling system soft care (Bisco USA)
    Diagnostic and filling quality of root canal control by digital x ray DexisBisco (USA)
  5. Splinting of mobile teeth during periodontal decease by using flexisible porcelain Glassman Bisco (USA)
  6. Prosthodontic dentistry, including high quality porcelain, veneers, Inlay, onlay RPD (removable partial denture), flexible denture
  7. Painless extraction of teeth.
  8. Fissure sealing using flowable, high quality, durability restovrative materials (3 M ESPE USA)
  9. Implant dentistry installation and implant fixture prosthodontic we use one stage and two stage implant system made by Korea and Israel.

Stomatologiya Budushego’ Dental clinic has dental equipments made by world producers. We use modern methods of control infections supporting sterilization using disinfection means by SIDEX, Jonson and Jonson.
Autoclave . During our work we use disposable sterile kit/
Also we use intraoral camera, to reach the best result of diagnostic, treatment and to control quality of our work. Intraoral camera giving the opportunity to view the condition of denta-facial system and to compare results before and after our treatment.