Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

Tax and Accounting Committee

Committee Chair - Vera Bell

Crowe TAC

Our Mission

The purpose of creation and work of this Committee is to provide comprehensive support to members of AmCham in the field of financial, economic and investment activity on the matters related to tax, currency, customs and banking legislation.
The main idea of the Committee is creation of a working group of professional lawyers and auditors in order to resolve the issues and situations that arise in business of companies-members of AMCHAM .
The Committee aims to further the solution of the most important issues in the field of legal support of the enterprise arising in the calculation and payment of taxes, the use of tax concession and the decision on choosing a tax system.
To achieve these goals and make the most effective work of the Committee, we propose interact not only members of AmCham, but also the existing committees, as in the course of their work may raise questions, the solution of which will require the assistance of the Committee on taxes, hold joint meetings and seminars. Members of AmCham can send questions and actual problems in the sphere of taxation. So together, we can achieve the settlement of emerging issues, improve the legal environment for business development.

The Committee may provide work on the following main areas:

  1. Provision of advisory assistance to members of AmCham on issues of tax law and business regulation;
  2. Provision of advisory assistance on the issues of support in the field of accounting, tax and financial accounting;
  3. Provision of advisory support to businesses in tax issues at all stages of its development, (from the issues of investments, to the issues of the liquidation of the business);
  4. Organization of seminars and other similar events related to the themes of activity of the Committee.