Afrosiab St. 4B, Office 201, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100031

Trade and Investment Committee

Committee Chair - Nikolay Yarmov

AmCham Advisor

Mr. Yarmov has more than 20 years of extensive hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, finance, private sector growth, SME development and loan guarantees. During his employment with USAID as Senior Private Sector Advisor, he has developed and implemented a successful $50 million firm level assistance program. In recognition of his professionalism and achievements, Mr. Yarmov has received various honors to include numerous Meritorious Honor Awards, Franklin Award, Federal Certificates and recognitions.

Nikolay Yarmov has master’s degrees in International Economic Relations, Strategic Planning and studied microfinance in Boulder, Colorado. Mr. Yarmov continues his support for broader economic development, trade and investment through consultancy work, lecturing on international forums and mentoring to assist companies exit on new markets and attract funding.

Committee Co-chair - Igor Kolesnikov


Our Mission

Enhancing trade and investment are some of the key strategic goals of AmCham Uzbekistan. The Trade & Investment Committee's role is to act as a focal point for AmCham members concerned with regional trade and investment issues. The Committee will address the business enabling environment with a particular focus on economic and regulatory improvements that affect Foreign Direct Investments and trade development. We will strive to help facilitate the WTO accession process as integral to Uzbekistan's economic reforms and modernization agenda. Additionally, the Committee will seek to actively engage with other AmChams in the region to build a dialogue and a joint approach on cross-border trade and regional cooperation.




To enhance the trade and investment policy environment and allow U.S. and foreign companies investing and operating in Uzbekistan to continually improve their competitiveness, increase market access, and reduce/eliminate trade and investment barriers while promoting business linkages between the U.S. and Uzbekistan.




To ensure the AmCham member companies investing and trading in Uzbekistan will continue to enjoy a business-friendly environment while conducting operations in Uzbekistan. To become a trusted voice among the Uzbek government representing the American business and foster open public-private dialogue and regulatory framework in line with international norms that broadly encourage trade and investment.


Committee monthly meetings are off the record and are open to AmCham members only.